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AOL Tech's music library is about to get a lot bigger

Last.fmThe worlds fourth largest supplier of music, Warner Music Group, has announced yesterday that they will be releasing their entire music collection to use for all of you users out there.

With over 15 million users, has blown up over the past few years as one of the best social music sites on the net. With integration into digital media players on your computer, such as your iTunes player, is able to learn the patters of music listeners. As the first of its kind, this and Warner Music merger should prove helpful for both parties: with its ad-based player and site should be getting a lot more hits, and Warner gaining the knowledge of how and what people are listening to. And with a lot of artists under their belt, Warner Music may be getting the better end of that deal in their hopes of making Warner something a bit more than the fourth largest supplier of music. I really like and make daily use of their services with the Pandor/ mashup.

[via 901am]

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