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Mobile iTunes with Avvenu

avvenu music playerAvvenu Music Player is an app that allows you to keep your Apple iTunes music with you wherever you go, whether it's on a different PC, Mac or laptop while you are out and about, or even a friend's computer. This music player even works with a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. The way it works is that playlists are streamed from your home computer (which must be a PC) where you have the Aveenu Music Player running from. You can choose which friends you want to share playlists with and stream them your library instantly, or access it over the internet and play them. Once installed, the service does chug a bit if you have a large library. You can also share files and photos through the service. So if you work from multiple locations, or want to transfer files from home to work, this might be something to try out as well. The free music sharing portion only allows for 250 songs to be shared. When playlists are chosen, the songs are uploaded to Avvenu's servers for streaming playback. When they have all been streamed, you don't have to leave your main computer up and running. This is most likely why my player seemed to be chugging. But there was no notification that files were being uploaded. This seems like a little security threat, and I'm not sure how the record execs would feel about this as well. What does Avvenu do with the music when it's uploaded? Although it seemed rather slow for me, and the music player locked up at times. The Avvenu Music Player is still in beta, so these small bugs should be expected every once and a while. As for the copying of my music data to their servers without notification... I didn't like that very much.

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