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Amazing Webpage Emailer - Firefox add-on of the day

Amazing Webpage Emailer Firefox Add-onIt was reported yesterday that the desire to be able to email pieces of the web would be greatly desired on multiple platforms and in Firefox. Well my fellow readers, that time has come. Today's add-on is JKN's Amazing Webpage Emailer (AWE).

With AWE installed in Firefox, you are able to email entire webpages to anyone you know, whether they are password protected, session specific, require registration or even have framesets. And when I say entire webpages, I mean entire. Everything from text fields that are filled in, to Google ads in the side of the page. And you can do it in four different ways (in detail after the jump). Each way will result in a new tab or browser window opening to JKN's site, which is where you input who you want to send it to (email addresses and an optional name), the subject of the email and the body of the email.

The first option to use AWE is "This Page", which means the entire page as you see it. This means that if you have text in a text box that is built into the page, such as the Google search bar or a comment field from a blog, it will be captured by AWE and added to the email. This would be a bad option if you didn't want your recipient to know your login name if it is in the username field that Firefox had saved off to put in next time you visited the site. The second way is called "Fresh Page", which is the way the page would normally look when you first come to the it and before Firefox fills in the text form areas. This is the way you want to send if you want all of the text fields to be emailed blank. The third way is "Hyperlink Only" which will send the email to someone of your choosing and just send them a link to the page you want them to see. The page you want to send is saved off somewhere and this hyperlink is directed to that somewhere. And the fourth way is actually pretty interesting and is called "Nothing (Discussion Only)". This last way sends emails back and forth to one another and keeps a tabular form of the entire conversation between all of the recipients. It is sort of a web based IM, only it works via email also. Each email has all of the previous comments and you are also able to view the entire conversation online, not just in your email, at any point in time.

This is a great extension and is perfect for the work place. I am know as some what of a prankster at work and sometime I'll sneak in a little joke hyperlink into an email of just hyperlinks. So sometimes people decide to just ignore the hyperlinks I send, even if it is an informative one. This way, for the informative ones anyway, I can just send the entire page to people. The only problem that I see some people being uncomfortable with is that you need to input a list of emails to send it to anyone. So some of you out there might be a bit nervous about putting in emails into the fields for recipients. I for one am satisfied with their No Spam Policy and their Privacy Policy. Another slightly bad quality of this extension is that you are only able to send your webpage to a max of 10 people at one time (there is a link "Send to more new people" below the initial three email fields to get the ten). It would be nice to see a more flexible format where you can just keep clicking on a button to add just one more recipient. Either way, this is a great extension and is already getting a lot of use from me.

Also, I can't keep on top of all of the Firefox add-ons out there. I need your help! Please shoot me your suggestions to other great Firefox add-ons in the comments below. Be sure to leave your website/blog info for a link-back if your suggestion makes it to the Download Squad's main page!

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