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Vista vs. OS X like Sony PS3 vs. Nintendo Wii?

Vista's wheel spinning launch is fairly disappointing so far, and when compared with Apple's ever more popular OS X the battle looks like Goliath vs. David. (well, maybe not David but, a much smaller Goliath) Information Arbitrage manages to make a pretty good case for comparison between the clunking sound Vista's launch made when held up to the light of OS X and the fizzle noise the uber-expensive PS3's launch made against Nintendo's underdog Wii.

"[Nintendo] looks increasingly like the nimble, adaptive, consumer-focused company kicking the crap out of the Grand Dame of Gaming. And I am sure over the ensuing months and years we will see more of this stuff happening, where the more consumer-centric, lighter, friendlier applications will dominate the legacy titans of yesteryear. It is all just beginning, and the first and highest profile casualty may well be Sony, closely followed by Microsoft. Anyway..."

Gates' TV appearances on launch day didn't help. He's lord of the geek and, right or wrong, his ability to be smart, social and off-the-cuff takes a back seat to the slightly out-of-phase and too terse delivery of his interview answers. Jon Stewart can make anyone seem comfortable and affable, but failed pretty miserably when it came to Gates. Jobs may not give many interviews, but when he's in front of a camera he's sharp, witty and dare-say hip. Are we headed for a period of revolution where underdogs take out the big guys in tiny customer focused steps or, are we simply witnessing a total failure of Gates PR?

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