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Cuts: Online video remixing, a Web 2.0 mashup gone too far?

TechCrunch reported this weekend about (yet another) video startup, this time with a twist. Cuts promises to allow users a chance to play editor to their favorite YouTube videos, cutting, splicing and looping their way to the creation of remixed video content.

Aside from the obvious and myriad legal issues, is this really where web video is headed? According to TechCrunch, "you just need the URL of your favorite video or click a bookmarklet to cut the video on your current page. [...] As of the private beta, Cuts will let you add captions, add a group of sound effects, loop sections of video, and trim out parts of the video."

I'm a superfan of remix culture, I'm just not yet sure where Cuts fits in. I'm anxious to see and try Cuts. The screenshots and writeup at TechCrunch show something far beyond what I'd have thought possible. Who wants to bet the guys at YouTube's legal department are readying a response as I write?

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