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Do you iPubble?

i-What, i-How's that now, I said, iPubble. What is an iPubble? Like a mis-pronounced iPebble, I guess. Beyond that, iPubble is in the business of helping website operators get the word out while helping you improve your site. Their experts will tell you what you are doing right or wrong with your site, with some good suggestions on how to improve your site. iPubble is a social voting site as well, so visitors can rate the sites they see and if your site is popular, it will receive more attention and traffic. I imagine that iPubble is a play on the term I publish, but I could be wrong. If I disappear mysteriously after this post, don't worry, it is most likely because I ticked off about half of Apple with all the I's in the first half of this post. I think they are pretty sure they own the letter I. Wait til Sesame Street finds out. Be aware that iPubble is technically in "beta," and it doesn't look like there is much content yet to speak of.

Tim, thanks for the tip.

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