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Downloader fights back against RIAA

RIAA defendant Robert Santangelo has taken up an unusual tactic against the recording industry's lawsuit, he's sued back. Santangelo has filed counter-suit against the RIAA claiming defamation, violation of anti-trust laws, conspiricy to defraud the courts and making extortionate threats.

According to The Inquirer, "Robert Santangelo and his lawyer, Jordan Glass, have raised 32 defenses against the music industry's charges. Amongst Robert's defense is the information that all the music that it was claimed he downloaded he already owned on shop bought CDs."

Robert Santangelo was 11 years old when the RIAA sued his mother in a civil action claiming copyright infringement. Mrs. Santangelo fought back, she hired a lawyer named Ray Beckerman (who has since become a well known piracy defense lawyer and maintains a popular law blog known as Recording Industry vs. The People) and eventually the case against her was dropped, at which point the RIAA sued her two children separately.

Take the jump to watch Robert's mother Patti Santangelo on several popular morning shows during the media blitz which followed the original lawsuit against her.

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