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Googleholic for Jan 30th 2007

In this issue of Googleholic we cover:
  • Gmail integrates with Docs and Spreadsheets
  • Google sunrises
  • Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources
  • Orkut has SMS
  • Google China censorship damage
  • YouTube subpoenas
  • Google's Sydney flyover plans changed
  • Microsoft payment killer
  • Google kills Google bombs
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Gmail integrates with Docs and Spreadsheets
Now you can open Docs and Spreadsheets directly from Google's Gmail.

Google sunrise
Google adds a new layer into Google Earth that lets users experience sunrises all across the globe.

Google Maps Creation Tools and Resources
Google Maps Mania has a nice list of tools that you can use to create your own Google maps.

Orkut has SMS
Google integrates SMS to promote offline social networking to members.

Google China censorship damage
Google admits that providing a censored version of its engine damaged their reputation.

YouTube subpoenas
Fox is asking for information on an ID for a YouTube user for posting a pirated version of 24 before it was shown on tv.

Google's Sydney flyover plans changed
Google had to fix up a no fly ban and was late a few hours. Turns out they required permission to fly over parks and beaches.

Microsoft payment killer
Could Microsoft be building a Google Checkout and PayPal competitor?

Google kills Google bombs
Google changed their algorithms recently so that so called "Googlebombs" would be harder to achieve.

Last weeks Google news...
Make sure to check in for Friday's Googleholic Google News report.

If you have any tips, tricks, or anything Google, you can always drop us a line!

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