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isotope2: Spirograph on crack - Today's Time Waster

isotope2Sometimes the best time-wasters aren't games at all. Case in point: isotope2. It's an engrossing Flash toy by Martin Jonasson that draws fun mathemagical patterns. You start out with a blank canvas and a mechanical arm. You can add segments to the arm (by clicking on the plus and minus buttons) and then adjust the speed and direction at which each joint rotates (by clicking on the joint and dragging up or down). With the right combinations, you can generate some very cool and very pretty patterns. You can zoom in and out and control the speed (higher speeds make for more angular lines), and you can also copy the "formula" for your pattern to share with your friends. Simple, but totally addictive.

Tags: flash, freeware, fun, isotope, martin jonasson, MartinJonasson, timewaster, timewasters