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AlZip unzips it al, um, all

I hate crippleware. I hate nag-ware, and all kinds of related vermin from the netherworld. Among them, WinZip for years has bugged the snot out of users instead of just providing a good product for free like the cool kids. Sure, they have their reasons, but those reasons are why you don't hear about WinZip anymore. They are old news. Now you hear about 7-Zip, which I do like, even better than WinRAR, for my many unzipping needs (on my computer at least).

Today, at least for me, a new little app enters the fray, called ALZip. AL has got some serious options built into the app, which makes it a bunch more customizable, and I suppose some would even say better. The goodness meter doesn't stop there, it keeps going.

Compression is simple, the interface is clean and looks like my four-year-old would like it and could run it. LifeHacker's Download of the Day is a keeper. Go unzip your AL!

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