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Windows trojan horses outnumber viri and worms 4 to 1

Anti-virus maker Sophos recently released its 2007 Security Threat Report, a State of The Union for desktop security issues which, given a full read-through makes you shudder to think of the malware and nasties your PC could run afoul of any given time.

According to the report, Windows Trojans, which sometimes go undetected for long periods of time, outnumber viruses and worms by a factor of 4 to 1. Making matters worse, some malware purveyors are becoming ever-more sneaky with the ways in which they trick users. The report explains, "[Trojan writers] continue to place traditional spyware code on individual computers. However, they are also moving strongly towards a new method in which they spam out emails offering, for example, a plug-in to view videos or pornography or even offering free bogus security applications. "

I've received several trojan emails recently posing as bogus greeting cards from unnamed acquaintances but, being a jaded computer user, I'm not easily misled. With little imagination however, It's pretty easy to see how a less savvy user could be duped into inadvertently installing a trojan of doom. Like a bad one night stand, it only takes a single mistake to find yourself in the throes with some nasty creatures. It's a chilling reminder to stay vigilant and frequently run your anti-virus software of choice.

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