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Download Squad Search: Now with 200% more Useful(TM)

Download Squad's new search resultsIf you've ever tried searching for a particular post on Download Squad you might have found it a tad frustrating. Our built-in search engine was never very, er... good. But I'm thrilled to report that those days are over. Our talented developers have swapped out the old 'n' crufty search engine for some brand new hotness. The main enhancements are:
  • It now does an AND search rather than an OR search, meaning a search for "windows vista" will only turn up posts that have both "windows" and "vista" in them, not everything with "windows" OR "vista."
  • Search results now show the number of comments on each post, as well as the post's date.
  • The default ranking is by relevance, but at the top there's a "Sort by Date" option.
I doubt your mind is blown by all this, but a little extra ease of use here and there is always a good thing. Happy searching!

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