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Apple to charge $29 for Boot Camp?

Boot CampMacScoop reports that it has obtained a document suggesting Apple will release a final version of Boot Camp for Mac OS X Tiger this Spring -- and that it could cost $30.

At the same time, Apple will be launching Mac OS X Leopard, which will include Boot Camp, so if you want the option to dual boot two operating systems, you'll have dual choices: purchase a copy of Boot Camp or upgrade to Leopard.

The beta version of Boot Camp has been around since April of 2006, and should still work for free until September. The final version is expected to support Windows Vista.

This follows news that Apple will be charging users $2 to enable 802.11n support in the Apple TV, and that the company could be charging more than twice the manufacturing costs for the upcoming iPhone. But then, does anybody expect a company like Apple to make money by giving away software or selling hardware with narrow profit margins?

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