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Spyder - Offline MySpace client for Mac OS X

SpyderIf you are a reader of our sister (or brother) site TUAW, you may have seen this covered a little while back. Spyder is a handy offline MySpace client for Mac OS X by Michael K. Link that you may find useful if you are a hardcore MySpace user. Its clean interface, which seems to be inspired by a little bit iTunes 7, a little bit Delicious Library, allows you to manage your social network with relative ease. A demo/free version is available which handles about 70% of all functions available on the MySpace web site (you can't send friend requests, for example) but if you pay for a license all features are enabled.

It's definitely a clever application - since there's no published MySpace API (as far as I know), what I presume it's doing is making the HTTP requests and crawling the document to pull the necessary data (screen scraping). The $34.95 price tag may turn all but the most serious MySpace users away (or folks who can't handle dealing with some of the more, ahem, 'customized' profiles). At the moment only MySpace is supported by Spyder, but the developer has promised Facebook and Flickr support in the future.

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