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Send to Notepad

SendtoNotepadAlthough I'm always a fan of simple utilities, this one may be a touch too simple. Send to Notepad is a tiny little application that sits in your system tray, using the typical Notepad icon from Windows. When you want to copy text to an instance of the Notepad, you simply copy the text you want to copy, then double-click on the Send to Notepad icon in the system tray. Poof, it opens a copy of Notepad and dumps the contents of the clipboard there.

Although I can see that this could be a useful application, I wish it had a few other usability features. For example, the ability to paste to Notepad using a shortcut keystroke would be useful. Also, it should be able to detect when you've got text highlighted, negating the need to actually copy the text to the clipboard before firing off the Send to Notepad functionality.

Even still, this could be a useful utility to have in your arsenal.

Note: I had difficulty viewing the Send to Notepad site in Firefox; for some reason it didn't detect that I had the Flash plugin installed. It opened fine in an IE Tab in Firefox, though.

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