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Access releases NetFront Browser 3.4 beta

NetFront 3.4Access has released a technical preview of NetFront 3.4. NetFront has long been considered one of the best alternatives to Pocket Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile users. It offers tabbed browsing, faster page loading times, and a plethora of other features.

But when Opera entered the Windows Mobile market, with its zippy interfacing and blazing fast page rendering, I kind of forgot about NetFront.

Well, NetFront's back, and this time they've got Ajax support. That means support for all sorts of Web 2.0 goodies without having to view stripped down versions of web pages. I'd tell you more, but unfortunately my Windows Mobile 2003SE device isn't supported. This program is Windows Mobile 5.0 only.

The preview is free, but it only lasts through January 31st, and has a bunch of limitations. For example, you can only open two tabs at a time, you can only store 10 bookmarks, and ActiveX and JV-Lite2 are not supported. Odds are there will either be another free preview or a full version available for order come February 1st.

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