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Why I think the iPhone is stuck with Cingular

Apple ROKRDoes anyone remember the failed ROKR phone? Cingular was the carrier on that deal. No one bought it, I never heard about it once after Job's keynote that year. I think Apple may have signed a deal with Cingular for the iPhone because they were either contractually obligated (from the days of ROKR), or they felt guilty for their last flop. Either way, I agree with most that locking your new buzz-worthy device down to a single carrier was most likely a bad idea. Maybe Apple couldn't have just introduced the iPhone on another carrier for reasons I am not aware of, but it would have been so much better if they had. Did Apple's misdelivery on the ROKR get them in hot water with Cingular? I can't them making this decision unless there was a darn good reason for it that involved obligation. Steve Jobs and crew has to know that Cingular isn't the greatest out there. I hope. I guess now I will be holding my breath until the Cingular-only deal is up, or perhaps I will wait for another device that is similar instead. At least now everyone in the phone business has the bar set much higher to develop their own iPhone clone. If someone were to come out with a full version of Firefox on a mobile device, that would be worth buying.

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