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First HD-DVD rip shows up online

SerenityWell, the controversy over whether BackupHDDVD actually does anything like, you know, ripping HD-DVD movies appears to be over. Several movie rips, including Serenity have already made their way to BitTorrent trackers.

The breakthrough came when members of the Doom9 Forum tracked down several unique memory keys that BackupHDDVD needs in order to decrypt HD-DVDs. Apparently the keys for King Kong and 12 Monkeys are also available, although Serenity appears to be the only movie to have made it online so far.

The video file is in EVO format and takes up 19.6GB, meaning it will take a very, very long time for most users to download. At that rate, you might as well just spend the $20 to get a copy from Amazon.

While it was inevitable that hi-def video rips would show up online, I'm much more impressed that we now have evidence that the HD-DVD encryption scheme actually has been cracked, and users who want to make backups of videos they've purchased for home use may be able to use software to do so.

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