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Get 'em while you can: iPhone skins for PDAs and mobile phones

iPhonyHave you been gazing longingly at every image of Apple's new iPhone, feeling like your would burst apart at the seams if you had to wait for it to come out this summer? Well, I can't really help you there, but if you just want a bit of the look and feel of the iPhone without all that, you know... functionality, there are a number of new iPhone-knockoff skins popping up.

For example, check out Mo's iPhony launcher. It's just a basic PalmOS program launching application, but it uses those sleek Apple icons. Click on them, and it opens your regular Palm calendar, email, and phone applications. But it looks pretty. It's only available for 320x320 screens at the moment, but there should be an updated version that supports 320 x 480 screens soon.

But I can't guarantee that the link will be good much longer. Apple's legal team is reportedly going after iPhone knockoffs pretty vigorously. Paul O'Brien posted some info on Modaco about a similar program the other day, and received a note from Apple's lawyers asking him to remove his post.

[via tuaw]

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