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Battle of the keynotes: Jobs vs. Gates

Microsoft AppleWe all saw Bill Gates sell something no one was buying, and Steve Jobs selling many things people really want in their respective keynotes this week. I am always the kind of person trying to find the meaning in it all. So, what do you think? I think Microsoft is putting out some decent software (Vista, Office, etc) but I think they have largely missed the boat on the digital lifestyle. Apple has that covered. I played with a Zune for the first time over the weekend, and I was actually quite impressed with the interface. Microsoft has done a great job of competing with the iPod, and by this I mean from a strictly device capabilities and functionality standpoint. Zune is just taking off, and the iPod has been around a while so you really can't compare sales numbers...yet. What about these "connected experiences" Microsoft is touting big time? I beg to differ, but I have been having connected experiences for ages now, and to me it seems that Microsoft is pushing old products in new wrappers. I remember the same speech about XP, it will do this better, it will do that better...yeah, but where is the new, cool, blow-me-away innovation? I didn't see it. Until I watched Jobs' keynote. Apple TV? Sign me up, good price, good features, works with PC or Mac, wirelessly anywhere in your house. Can you say "living room killer app." Also, despite Cingular's exclusive, required 2 year contract, and EDGE, the iPhone is also one of the best, most user-centered, all-in-one functional devices ever. It is dead sexy. Tell me, what has Microsoft come up with in this vein, something to create a huge demand or something to blow away the PC world? Sure, there is the XBOX 360 for gaming, but what in the computer space? I don't see the drive, the innovation, the passion for customers needs and fixing problems. I must say I was expecting a bit more from Microsoft. Is it enough that Microsoft only delivers a bit of eye-candy as the best innovation in a new product? I know they have the mindtrust to generate great new stuff, so why is it that Microsoft doesn't try to win anymore? Are they always behind the eight ball, or is this just my imagination? Also, what did you think of Apple's new stuff?

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