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Yahoo! really buys MyBlogLog

MyBlogLogA couple months back we reported that Yahoo! had purchased social networking site for bloggers MyBlogLog. What we didn't report was that shortly thereafter Yahoo! PR denied Techcrunch's report, saying the to companies were in discussions, and nothing more. Oi. Well now, almost two months later, it's really, truly happened: The talks are concluded, the deal is final, and MyBlogLog is now really and truly property of Yahoo!--Om Malik got it from the horse's mouth. The acquisition price was reportedly $10 million (the same figure rumored back in November), and the MyBlogLog team will be joining Yahoo! in Berkeley and San Francisco. Much like with the Flickr acquisition, new MyBlogLog users will be able to log on with their Yahoo! ID, and the companies are promising some level integration between MyBlogLog, Flickr, and Yahoo! answers. GigaOM has more details and background, as does Mashable.

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