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Internet TV comes to the Xbox 360

Xbox 360 IPTV
That Xbox 360 in your living room? It's not just for video games anymore. In addition to the high definition movie download service Microsoft launched earlier this year, you can expect an IPTV service to launch towards the end of 2007, effectively turning the video game console into a personal video recorder and multimedia device.

You'll be able to watch live streaming broadcasts, and you can even a game while recording a program in the background. Of course you'll get all the usual benefits of a personal video recorder, like an on-screen program guide and the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward through recordings.

While there were rumors that Microsoft would announce a brand new version of the Xbox 360 capable of acting as a traditional video recorder, going the IPTV route means that Microsoft can roll out these new functions with a software update, no new hardware needed.

There are no details yet on pricing and whether you'll need to install a larger hard drive on your Xbox 360 for the service to work, although I'd imagine that you'd really want more than 20GB.

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