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Badges, I need some stinking badges

Badged.netGet badged, by going to, where you can simply build a custom badge widget for your site or blog. The list of available badges you can include in your custom widget is pretty good:
  • Digg This Story
  • Sphere It
  • Add to Technorati Favorites
  • View Blog Reactions (via Technorati)
  • Add to
  • Add to Furl
  • Add to Netscape
  • Add to Yahoo! Myweb
  • Add to Google Bookmarks
  • Add to Newsvine
  • Add to Blinklist
  • Add to Reddit
  • Add to Blogmarks
  • Add to Magnolia
  • Add to Windows Live
  • Add to Tailrank
  • Add to Favorites (Internet Explorer)
  • Email This
You type in your site URL and name, check the boxes, and get the code at the bottom of the page. It could not be any easier to do and you can insert the whole thing at the bottom of your posts, your site, whatever. Sweet, slick, and fan-tas-tic. Here is what the actual badge I created looks like:

[Via The Global Geek Podcast]

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