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Password management that doesn't suck - Ask DLS

Login failed!So it took me about a decade, but I've finally reached the breaking point: I have too many usernames and passwords to remember. This came to a head today as I tried to log into a handful web sites to change some billing information and had to make multiple tries to get into half of them, even having to click on the dreaded "Forgot your password?" link once. Enough! There are dozens and dozens of programs out there designed just to solve this problem, but the trouble is figuring out which ones are crap and which ones are good. And that's where you come in, dear readers:

What's the best password-management app for your money? Here are my criteria: Super easy to use, unobtrusive (keyboard access a big plus), works on Windows, works with Firefox, secure (duh), and fairly configurable. Also, as you know, I'm incredibly cheap, so free or very inexpensive are high on my list.

Can you help me out? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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