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Software For Starving Students 2007 edition

Software for Starving Students
With a new year comes a new release of Software for Starving Students' CD of free (as in beer) software.

The 2007.01 edition includes a wide gamut of programs to do everything from editing images and creating web pages to playing media files and video games. In other words, you can get your GIMPshop, NVU, VLC, and Tux Racer fixes.

There's dozens of other programs on the disc as well. Of course, these are all freely available programs, so you could also treat the SoSS web site as a list of links allowing you to pick and choose some new software. But downloading and burning the disc image would probably save you a lot of time.

It's not quite clear what's new in the 2007.01 version that wasn't included in last year's release. It's safe to say at the very least you get the latest versions of all the included software, but I'd imagine there may be a few new additions as well.

The disc image comes in Mac and PC varieties.

[Via Lifehacker]

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