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Performancing Firefox plugin is now ScribeFire

Now you know that PayPerPost acquired Performancing, right? The Performancing Firefox plugin (the blog editor) is now rebranded as ScribeFire. I'm glad the plugin is still its own entity. I am a huge fan of it, and I would hate for any kind of merger, acquisition, or take-over to mess with it. I like it just the way it is. A new name isn't bad in that regard. It may help garner more of an audience for it, not that it doesn't already own the planet in its respective market. I don't know that I have seen anything else (in-browser) like it. ScribeFire, not Performancing. I haven't had a chance to install my stikkit (mental cortex edition, just kidding) but when I do, I will have to make a mental note of it, ScribeFire, I have got to remember that. With the new name, also comes a new website, at Not much there yet, but there will be more coming soon. Stayed tuned.

via TechCrunch

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