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Blogger finishes beta period, goes official

A post at Blogger Buzz, Google's own blog that covers everything Blogger, proclaims: "The new version of Blogger in beta is dead! Long live the new version of Blogger!" Indeed, that beta they rolled out last August has gotten all growed up, dropping its beta moniker and introducing its new features to the world. As you might recall, the new Blogger has all sorts of new goodies like labels for posts (a lá Gmail), drag and drop template editing, more powerful WYSIWYG post editing, private blogging, a better dashboard and - of course - being able to sign in with your increasingly ubiquitous Google Account.

If you're still using the old Blogger and haven't switched over yet, the login pane at the top right of the page *should* offer you a 'switch now!' option the next time you sign in. However, the Blogger Buzz post warns that while the new version is live and available to everyone, the switching process is still rolling out slowly for the rest of Blogger users to keep their server load manageable. If you don't see the switch button yet, you should soon, and I highly recommend the new version. I'm still a devout Vox convert (though template editing would be really nice, Six Apart!), but this is a strong upgrade from the Blogger crew for one of the most popular services available.

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