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Digg unveils major video, podcast and story management upgrade

Digg just unleashed a major update, cranking out a number of new features geared towards more powerful management and customization of the user experience, as well as incorporating multimedia in a big way. Kevin Rose posted an overview of the new features at Digg the Blog, complete with a short video and narration of all the cool new stuff.

The first big new feature is an upgraded UI with a focus on customizing how you use the site, what topics you see headlines for and a flexible width for the 30-inch display owners in the audience. Users can now toggle entire topics in their user profile, so if sports and politics are the last thing on your digg agenda, they can now be entirely removed from it.

Next up is a new Top 10 Stories/Videos section (pictured above to the right of headlines) for each top-level category (Technology, Science, etc.), which aggregates the top stories of those categories in real time.

Perhaps the most significant new features are the robust support for multimedia like videos and podcasts. Pictured above here is digg's new ability to play videos from supported services right on the site itself in a slick player that sits atop the headlines, complete with a copy of the headline and a digg button. This is a killer new way to check out videos without having to leave the comfort of digg or break your headline surfing workflow. It'll be exciting to see how this feature evolves in future updates, as I would love to be able to open that player window, resize it a little and move it out of the way of the headlines so I can keep on diggin'.

Podcasts are also a star of this new update, as channels can now be set up for the podcast itself, in which individual episodes can be listed, discussed, listened to and commented on. An accompanying 'Most Popular Episodes' panel (on the right) lets you keep an eye on how just that podcast's episodes are doing. Again, another killer idea for keeping the digg community in the digg community.

I'm sure there are tons of other new features to round out what looks like a great digg update. If you find some other notable updates, feel free to share them with the rest of the class. Congrats to the digg team on a job very well done.

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