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Google ripped off Yahoo!'s IE7 promo page?

Google/Yahoo! IE7 promo
Google's "Don't be evil" maxim has been called into question (again) after Yahoo!'s Jeremy Zawodny pointed out that Google's new Internet Explorer 7 promo page looked suspiciously similar to the one Yahoo! put up a few months ago. And by "suspiciously similar" I mean practically identical. The layout was exactly the same, most of the wording was the same or very similar--basically everything except the colors and graphics. Google was quick to change the promo page, but Zawodny's blog has a screenshot of the original which is pretty damning. He says that he "checked with our PR group to make sure that this wasn't just a template that Microsoft gave to all partners," and they confirmed that that's not the case. So what's up with this, Google? Did some lazy intern put that page together? Please tell me heads are rolling.

[Via Matt Cutts]

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