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Gifts for your Geek this year

GiftsSome people can't seem to get this idea out of their heads that gifts have to be something physical. When I began to think about the holidays this year, I thought about all the things I wouldn't mind having, and I thought of mostly physical hold-it-in-your-hand gifts I want. Most of the gifts I hope to get happen to be virtual. Here is a nice rundown of some of the things you might think about buying for your own geek (both virtual gifts and physical gifts):

  • Flickr Pro account $25/year
  • Basecamp accounts ranging from $12/month to $149/month
  • Skype credit for free calls
  • Any other kind of pro account or account upgrade your geek may want from an online service
  • Anything from (USB gadgets, like a rocket launcher or a bluetooth laser keyboard)
  • iTunes prepaid music card (as big as you can afford find)
  • World of Warcraft prepaid gameplay card (for any aspiring geeks who don't already play the game)
Now I know this list is not extensive or by any means complete, but that's why I need your help to complete it! Tell me what is on your geeky wish list this season in the comments below. What should be on this list? You tell me.

A note for non-geeks and newbies: if you want to get something like a pro account from an online service for your geek, you don't have to know how to use it, find it, or anything. If you know they want it, either enlist a geeky friend to help you in the process or simply write the name of the service on an index card or print it out all pretty like. Wrap it up to give to your geek, trust me they won't care what the gift card looks like, depending on the gift. Oh, and you get extra points if you write the message on the card in binary. I remember when my wife wrapped up a brochure for high-speed internet in the early gift ever. See what I mean?

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