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Firefox on the rise in Europe

Firefox in Europe
According to French analytics company Xiti Monitor, Firefox is no longer a niche player in Europe, with 23.2% of European web surfers using the open source browser, up from 19.4% in April. More telling are some of the individual countries' figures, with Firefox holding about a third of the browser share in six countries including Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia, and about 40% in Finland and Slovenia. In the southern hemisphere, Australiasia is a 23.4% Firefox region, but here in North America it holds just 14.5% of the market, according to Xiti.

Here at Download Squad things look a bit different, however--if Site Meter is to be believed, 48% of you use Internet Explorer, followed by 46% Firefox faithful, with Konqueror (3%), Safari (2%), and Opera (1%) bringing up the rear.

[Via Boing Boing]

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