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Pandora's Jar: Save MP3s from Pandora automatically

Pandora's JarOver at the Hak.5 forums you can download an app cheekily named Pandora's Jar, which adds a bunch of functionality to music-recommendation service Pandora. Most notably, Pandora's Jar will automatically download the tracks you hear on Pandora, carefully naming and tagging them first. It also features integration, automatically adding tracks to your account as well as fetching album art, artist bios, and so on for display. Getting it set up isn't as streamlined as it could be, so you may want to check out the "noob's guide" before downloading. If you're in a hackish mood, you'll be happy to learn that Pandora's Jar is open source and built in Java, so presumably it will run on most platforms. I have no idea how well this app sits with Pandora's terms of service (my guess is poorly), so use at your own risk.

[Via Lifehacker]

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