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12 Days of holiday downloads, Day 2: Mac

X-MasTreeToday's Mac Christmas download is two-for-one. The first is John Schilling's wonderful X-MasTree, a Christmas tree that sits in floats on your desktop or sits in your dock. It can be several sizes and the lights, garland, star and even tree color have a number of options. And if that isn't enough, John has information up on how to add custom ornaments. The real draw here, though, is the lights, which are extremely well done and can fade gently in and out, or blink and flash in that gaudy way only Christmas lights can.

Since X-MasTree began life as a tribute to the grandaddy (or is that grandma?) of all Mac Christmas trees, YourHead software's Christi's Tree, I think it's only fair to talk about them together, especially since John's X-MasTree page is the current repository for Christi's tree, too. Christi's Tree isn't as big on the lights as X-MasTree, but it's still shiny and comes with a classic Mac look and configurable garland.

Both programs can be configured as Christmas count-down clocks, just in case you've forgotten how long it is until the big day.

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