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New Parallels Desktop beta with major new features

New Parallels Desktop beta with major new featuresParallels Desktop, in my humble opinion, is a killer virtualization app that allows you to run virtually any OS, and even multiple OSes, in their own environments within Mac OS X. We've been following Parallels Desktop's development pretty closely over on TUAW, and today a new beta has been released with some rocking new features, including:
  • Booting a Boot Camp Windows XP installation, allowing you to have the best of both worlds (Boot Camp is Apple's free utility for allowing you to run Windows XP on a separate partition - not in virtualization)
  • Drag and drop files/folders between Windows and Mac OS X (previous, Parallels Desktop allowed you to set up a Shared Folder to accomplish this sharing task. This new feature, of course, is far cooler)
  • Read/Write of aforementioned Boot Camp partition
  • Parallels Transporter Beta - a new tool for migrating a Windows PC image, VMWare or Microsoft Virtual PC VM into Parallels
  • Graphics performance and improvements (though, unfortunately, no full 3D hardware acceleration support - yet)
These Parallels guys just don't quit; since they introduced this Desktop product for Mac OS X, they have consistently added killer, innovative virtualization features like this. I can't wait to see full 3D support land "in a few months." I can't find an official announcement or link at Parallels' site yet, but here is a direct link to the 33MB download. If any of you try out the new features, share your experience in the comments.

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