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Line Rider Updated - Today's Time Waster

Line Rider ZaDaWhen I originally posted about Flash game/drawing toy Line Rider, I had no idea that it was already well on its way to becoming a huge cult hit. If you check YouTube you'll find dozens of breathtaking runs in which the little sledder is sent around huge loops and over immense gaps, and, more often than not, subjected to intense--but entertaining for us--pain toward the end. In my original post I lamented the lack of an eraser tools in Line Rider. Some fans have gotten impatient waiting for a new version that fixes this and other limitations, and several have released modified version of the game with enhanced features. The best I've seen so far is Line Rider ZaDa (if you have trouble with that link in Firefox, try this one). It makes four major additions to the original game: 1) An eraser tool that lets you remove individual line segments. 2) A flag tool that lets you set a particular position (and vector) for the sledder to start his run at, handy if you have a five-minute run and want to test something toward the end without watching the whole thing over again. 3) Accelerator lines, which appear red and make the led speed up and even sled uphill, great for loops and jumps. 4) A "background line" tools that lets you draw lines that don't affect the sledder, i.e. for decoration.

Unlike other Line Rider mods, Line Rider ZaDa doesn't change the game's physics (with the exception of those accelerator lines), so it doesn't make it any easier to keep the little guy on his sled--it just makes the drawing process easier and a little bit more fun.

Are you a Line Rider addict? What features do you hope then next (official or unofficial) version has? Post your wishes and favorite runs in the comments.

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