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12 Days of holiday downloads, Day 1: Mac

SnOkay, so the 12 Days of Christmas don't technically start until after Chirstmas, but that wouldn't give you much time to enjoy your yearly dose of on-screen holiday cheer, now would it? So in order to get everyone in the spirit, we present a series of downloads that serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever, other than brightening up that dreary desktop.

First up is one of my all-time favorites: Infinity to the Power of Infinity's Snö. Snö is a OS X application and screensaver that makes a gentle snow fall over your desktop, bringing a little life to your otherwise static background. If you're really adventurous, you can even set it to run in a floating window. That's festive, but tends to make work nearly impossible. there's an included screensaver, too, but since ittpoi seems to have dropped of the face of the earth recently, it hasn't been updated for 10.4 (come to think of it, I'm not sure it was updated for 10.3). But hey, it's the "oldie" component that makes and "oldie but goody," right?

If you have some spare time, Snö is open source. So feel free to track down that Tiger bug in the screensaver and recompile it. Just let me know if you do.

Sn Screencap

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