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Easy, free video creation on Linux is running a great article Easy video creation using only FOSS software--FOSS, of course, meaning Free and Open Source. It's not a comprehensive tutorial--you're still going to have a lot of learning to do--but it does tell your best options for creating and editing video without spending a dime. The short version is like this:

  • Cinelerra - Non-linear digital video editor and compositor
  • Kino - FireWire DV video capture
  • Xawdecode - analog (VHS and camcorder) video capture, DVB capture, streaming and TV/DVR functionality
  • MEncoder - video conversion
  • DeVeDe - MEncoder GUI for easy DVD and VCD creation
  • MPlayer - DVD and video playback
  • dvd::rip - for ripping DVD video
  • Firefox with the Flash 9 plugin and VideoDownloader extension - for capturing video off the Web
  • K3b - for burning DVD or VCD images
Since that's a lot of software to download and install, the article recommends Elive, a Debian-based Linux distribution that comes pre-built with Cinelerra, video drivers and codecs, and video and DVD playback apps. Head over to for more details on gettting your open source video-editing rig up and running.

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