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A detailed look at Windows Mobile "Crossbow"

Windows Mobile CrossbowThe folks over at Mobile Review have been spending some quality time with a pre-release version of the next version of Windows Mobile, code-named "Crossbow." For the most part, they're not particularly impressed with the feature set of this update, due out in 2007, and they already have their eye on the next version, code-named "Photon." But that won't be out until 2008.

So what has Microsoft changed in Crossbow?

Well, the icons have all been redesigned with a 3D look, and all the sounds have been changed. And those are probably the most notable differences.

Under the hood, devices seem to boot a little faster, and applications are more responsive. Crossbow will still come in two versions, one for Pocket PCs, and another for Smartphones. But Pocket PC users will now have access to Smart Dial 2.0, allowing them to search through their contacts and make phone calls.

The mail client will include support for messages in HTML, and Microsoft has integrated Windows Live Messenger, Live Search, and Live Mail.

Text prediction has also been updates. You can add words to the dictionary, or erase changes made to your dictionary to reset the dictionary to the factory default.

If you have a few hours to kill, I highly recommend checking out the Mobile Review post for a more thorough look at the details and a ton of screenshots.

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