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Cabs are expensive, especially when considering that in most situations one can take public transport for about a fourth of the price. But for those times when you simply have to get somewhere quickly and with minimal hassle, taking a taxi is often the only option. Readers in large megalopolis's will be familiar with the idea of sharing a cab with a stranger, and the rest of us might have seen the idea come up in movies or TV. Most of the time cab sharing arises out of one of two situations: Two people standing on a corner on a Saturday each trying to flag down the one available cab, or friends going to or from a common location. Hitchsters takes the concept to a whole new level with their service (now in beta) matches people up to share taxi's and allows users to specify start and end points, co-rider preference (male or female), and even flight information for cabs in and out of the airport. Though the site currently only supports New York City, they promise to expand to other cities soon (San Francisco, please!).

[Via Product Dose]

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