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Share designs and get feedback with ConceptShare


ConceptShare is still getting ready for the big launch. What it is, exactly, is a place where designs by designers, marketers, and creative firms can be shared across multiple channels. These designs will also be able to capture feedback so that innovative improvements can be made. Customer insight is a must when designing, and through ConceptShare, customers get a say in designs with a web based application that helps the whole creative process by saving time and money. Submitted designs in the system can be anything from user interfaces, logo designs, web designs, and new product mockups. ConceptShare's process sounds pretty smooth as well. Simply sign up and create a workplace where projects will be outlined. Uploaded concepts will be stored in the system with tags relating to the project. Participants are then invited through email, or with system experts. Then interaction will take place with users to gather feedback. No news yet on the launch of this reviewing tool, but it's going to make a lot of people happy with the possibilities of speeding up and streamlining new design processes.

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