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Yourminis, yet another flash-based web desktop

Your minis
There are all kinds of web-based desktops running to and fro out there, and it seems that the web 2.0 world is pushing for an app to be the next killer desktop-on-the-web. It hasn't happened yet. It may never happen, since everyone has different tastes, and like different things. Another web-based desktop has entered the arena, and made a better impression on me than many of the others I've tried. is a Goowy Media product that is very fast loading, unlike many I have seen. Even though I consider myself to be an early adopter, I still don't know if I see a good enough value in the service of a web based desktop to use one every day, in a production, hardcore, pick-up-the-gun-and-lets-go-hunting capacity. Yourminis might be changing my mind a bit. The key difference for me is that yourminis bookmarklet adds an Mac expose-like functionality to both Firefox and IE. You can hit CTRL and ~ or just the icon for yourminis to view your page. Yourminis also has the usual modules (or minis I guess) you would find elsewhere, but also some that I haven't seen at other sites. You'll find your digg,, Flickr, gmail, .mac mail, iTunes, Amazon, and many more. Looking for as web-xpose, yourminis has it. Not quite a vote for killer app, but it could be popular.

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