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Placeless Office tools

EthernetGina over at Lifehacker has a wonderful Geek to Live post up today called Essential tools for the placeless office. I found the term "placeless office" to be interesting, and apparently Gina picked it up from our (Weblogs Inc's) very own Barb Dybwad. Basically, it's the virtual place that you work if you don't have a consistent office you go to every day, or maybe it's the virtual place you work when working on projects that are not part of your day job.

The post outlines the tools that the Lifehackers use to get their jobs done. And while at Download Squad we don't have an official list like this, if we were to make one I would venture to bet that it would look very similar. All of the tools mentioned in Gina's post are high-quality stuff, and my only real quibble is that the list is very Google-centric, although to be fair, I use all of the same Google services. So I guess I have no complaint. Check it out.

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