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Gmail gets new features

Gmail gets new featuresGoogle today released 5 new features for Gmail, ranging from simple UI improvements to handy "embarrassment-reducing" conversation upgrades (though since they're counting the recently released Gmail app for your phone, it's really 4 new features today). First up is a new Reply button at the top of messages, allowing you to give a shout back without having to scroll endlessly through long messages for the previous Reply button at the bottom. This new Reply button and its drop down menu actually replaces the previously clunky 'more options' button at the top of all messages.

Second is a slick new 'Update Conversation' button for when you're in the middle of replying to a conversation, and new messages arrive mid-reply. A notification will pop up now, with the option of updating the conversation in-line to see what others said in case you need to edit your response.

Third is a new button to Forward All messages in a conversation, not just the one you happened to click the Forward button on. This is another great and innovative feature I haven't seen done with other web services or even desktop clients.

Last but not least is an offline chat feature for when someone you're chatting with goes offline for one reason or another. Now, when your friend returns online, they can see whatever you said in their absence. You'll really have to watch what you say when connections get dropped now.

All in all, these are great functional updates to a web based email client that is still trumping all the desktop clients I'm trying out. Nice work Google.

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