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Stikkit, online note taker

stikkit online note takerThis simply designed online note taker is extremely easy to use and pleasant as well. Its clean and easy interface makes it a joy to use. Stikkit isn't as simple as it looks, though. Picture your classic yellow sticky note pads, with a brain of their own. Stikkit actually pays attention to what you type. If it catches you writing a note about an appointment or a task, it will drop it into a calendar, or task list. It even has a little RSS integration, so you can feed your Stikkits into your favorite desktop reader to remind you. Pretty cool. There is only one issue I have with the app: no notifications. I would love to see it shoot me an email when there is a task or calendar item that comes up on its deadline. Or maybe even a text message. In all, Stikkit is a great, simple online application where you can keep your small notes.

P.S. This is exactly what Gmail needs.

Check out some screenshots after the jump...

Main Dashboard view of notes, todo's and calendar items.

Calendar view.

List of stikkits.

Comments can be added to stikkits.

Stikkits can also be shared with contacts through their email, or Stikkit user name.

Stikkit entry.

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