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Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows

Skype 3.0 Beta for Windows
It's been in the rumor mill for a little time now, and now it's ready to go in beta form: the new Skype 3.0. It's only currently available for Windows at this stage, but will surely be released for Mac lovers shortly. Hopefully. So what's new in this release? Tons of little bugs have been fixed and interface improvements have been made, and there also some major additions as well.

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First off, there is a brand new look and feel, starting with the interface. Skype has adjusted the Toolbars, and "smartened up" the tabs to make things easier and quicker. The Contacts tab has been adjusted to enable users to quickly find contacts. The tabs in Skype are also bigger and cleaner, and the integration of contact cards makes it easier to start calls and chats.

When using the calling feature, the Hold and Mute buttons are not easier to see and use, not hidden on the interface somewhere. Skype has made it easier to mute a microphone, add a person to a call, activate a webcam, and adjust sound settings.

In Chats, a new toolbar has been designed, making it easier again to add friends, bookmark, and host a public chat. There is also an option to beautify Skype with some designer wallpaper.

The Extras area. This is an area that I was not aware of before, but was kicking around for developers. The Extras are a way developers can write extras for the Skype interface that enhances the functions. Check out for some cool extras that can be added to the application. Overall, Skype has added in some nice improvements to the new 3.0, with big ones being the cleaner interface design. Being that Skype 3.0 is still in Beta, more changes and additions are sure to pop up.

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