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Wikipedia used for spreading a virus

wikipedia used to spread virusFalse Wikipedia information was apparently submitted which was used as a link to a malicious string of code. The German version of Wikipedia page about the Lovesan/MSBlast worm was altered and the links to a fix for the bug were changed to a piece of code that maliciously attacked user's computers if they clicked on the link. There was no word on long the infected page was live, but it was deleted the second the editors discovered it. Wikipedia has gone through all versions, backdated ones, and archived ones and removed and replaced the vandalized version. Pretty scary situation over there at Wikipedia. They rely almost solely on the public to submit information, and the public relies in turn on these posters to be somewhat accurate. It's a little blow to the online encyclopedia, and I'm sure they will be tightening security and procedures a little more, starting on Friday when the bug was discovered.

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