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MediaFire - Free unlimited file hosting

MediaFireThere are a host of companies on the interwebs providing file hosting services, and MediaFire is one of them. (A "host" of hosting companies... har!) Okay, anyway, all kidding aside, MediaFire is interesting in that they offer unlimited file sizes, unlimited file uploads, and all with no signup required. They will also allow you to upload multiple files at once, and the service can be used like many other large file emailing services - simply email a pointer to the file from within their interface, and the file has been shared.

In fact, once a file has been uploaded, MediaFire offers multiple ways to share the file; in addition to the email feature, they give you a straight download link to use as you please, HTML link code that can be copied and pasted into a blog or MySpace page (for people that don't know HTML), and even forum link code formatted for phpBB or vBulletin forums.

So how can they afford to provide unlimited uploads with unlimited file sizes? Well, they're using ads to support the service. And apparently it's lucrative enough to allow the service to continue, which is good news for those of us that need to share large files.

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