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Windows Vista release dates announced

Windows Vista Home PremiumBeen waiting on the edge of your seat to see if you won your office's when-will-Vista-be-released pool? Today's the day! According to APC Magazine, Microsoft has officially announced the final release dates for Windows Vista: November 30, 2006 for business customers and January 30, 2007 for consumers. For the 7.7% of you who said you'd be buying Vista on the day it's released, that's a Thursday and a Tuesday, respectively. Mark your calendars. Microsoft is on schedule for an RTM (release to manufacturing) around the middle of this month.

In case you haven't been keeping up, here's Vista's retail prices for your reference:
  • Vista Home Basic: $199 ($99.95 upgrade)
  • Vista Home Premium: $239 ($159 upgrade)
  • Vista Business: $299 ($199 upgrade)
  • Vista Ultimate: $399 ($259 upgrade)

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