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Google's stand-alone Gmail app for mobile phones

Gmail for Mobile ApplicationGoogle has added a new offering for mobile users: a stand-alone app for Java-enabled phones that makes accessing Gmail on the run a little more friendly. Google has a little demo of the app in action over on the Google Mobile site, and it looks pretty slick. The aim here is to make the mobile Gmail experience easier and faster, since the standard mobile web interface isn't exactly the best for getting your correspondence done quickly. The new program includes some of our favorite touches from the full-fledged Gmail, like conversation view. It also has built-in support for viewing some attachments, including images Word docs, and PDFs. MobileCrunch's Oliver Starr has penned a review of the new app, and says "From a user perspective the new application offers a substantial (and I mean truly noticable) improvement in how fast your mailbox performs. No more interminable waiting while your next ten messages load - hit next and in a snap your next ten messages are right there. Likewise mail opens quickly and even attached files open faster than I've ever seen an attachment open on a mobile device."

If your phone is on the supported list, you can download the program for free by pointing its browser at

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