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Gmail mobile application - DLS Review

google gmail clientI had some great news waiting for me in my inbox this morning. Google had done it again. Released another cool application that I could sink my teeth into. As Jordan Running pointed out this morning, it's the new Gmail mobile client. As long as you have a Gmail account and a supported device, you can access, and download the Java file.

Sitting back and relaxing, I expected that downloading the application at would take a few minutes at least. 30 seconds later and it was done. 137kb, and within seconds the application was installed and ready to fire up. A clean nice screen with the Gmail logo, Username and Password fields greeted me. After entering my credentials, my emails were all waiting for me! How cool is that? Typically accessing Gmail though on my Moto RAZR's browser takes a minute for my emails to get pulled in, but now it's just a few seconds. Google's claim of five times faster was dead on! Reading the emails was done pretty effortlessly, far less clicking and scrolling than in an ordinary mobile browser. So how about all of the other options? They are even better than I had expected. Through the MENU, users can easily reply, forward, search mail, compose mail, mark as unread, add a star, view details, and even report spam.

My only concern? If you want to access more than one of your Gmail accounts, good luck. The mobile client is great if you want access to only one account for super fast, no login necessary after the first time, required. But try and figure out where to log off of your account, and enter new credentials! Nowhere to be seen. Oh well, this is only the first release, and you can't have everything, I guess. All in all, Google did a great job on this application, and are hot on track by helping users get the information they want, wherever they are.

Update: How do I sign out of the Gmail for mobile application? Google knows the answer.

Drop a line, and share your experience with Google's new mobile client. What do you think?

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